A few ex-Mariners and ex-CCP'ers living in the Colchester area got their heads together in 2007 and decided it would be a brilliant idea to hold a CCP / Marine Reunion party one day.

The original driving forces behind this absolutely superb idea are pictured to the right.

For CCP the Reunion presented an opportunity to celebrate the fact that 40 years that will have passed since the company was originally formed. 

For Marine ? Well, does anyone who ever worked for Marine ever need an excuse for a party?

Marine's 40th birthday was celebrated several years before many of us were born!  Aside from that it was employees of Marine who thought up the original idea of CCP! So, what the heck, we are obviously one big happy family, so let's make it a joint celebration.

We thought it would be really big challenge to see just how many ex CCP and ex MPS folk we could round-up for the event!  

On October 25th 2008 the first reunion took place and over 90 people made it a really great evening!  It was so good in fact that we are now planning a second reunion for October 2013. Check below for more details!

We cast our net out right across the globe for the 2008 reunion and we are now planning another. We realise that we didn't manage to get the message across to everyone last time despite our 18 month long advertising campaign!  Although 90 people was a damn good turnout in 2008, we know some of you couldn't make it so we are hoping that the 2013 event will be even bigger.

Are you still in touch with any of your colleagues from those heady days?  Do you think they know about our upcoming reunion?

Could we rely on YOU to help us reach out and contact your fellow CCP or MPS colleagues and point them in the direction of this site?   If you know how to reach them then please spread the good word.

If you've lost touch with them but can remember their name then maybe we can help? Thrown their names in our direction and we'll put them on our Lost & Found page. We'll attempt to find out where they are and get in touch. Where are they? Who are they with? What are they doing? What do they look like now?  Who gives a damn? Well, We do!   Obviously there's only one certain way to find out what we have all been up to over the past few decades -  and that's to make sure you bump into them at our next Reunion!

We do appreciate that quite a few of you may have settled outside the UK.  You lucky bastards!  Or are you?  Come along and tell us!  Time to gloat? Show off your perma-tan? To compensate for the long distance you may need to travel, and to give you just a little bit of planning time, we are announcing the next reunion a full 5 years in advance.

The venue for the 2008 Reunion was the : Holiday Inn, Eight Ash Green.- Just West of Colchester and just off the A12.
The cost was a mere £20 GBP. per person which covered the cost of the meeting room and our food - which was more than we needed and most folk told us the food was brilliant.

Photographs and video taken at the 2008 reunion can be viewed here.

Due to circumstances far beyond our control we have arranged to use a completely different venue for this years' final reunion. The good news is that it is only a short(ish) walk (10 min) from the Holiday Inn. The new venue is The Cricketer's in Fordham Heath. You will be very pleased to know that the room at the new venue is free to use, this means that it is much cheaper to attend, £15 instead of £30. So, not only can we stay at the same hotel as last time, but we can also benefit from a short walk, weather permitting, we guarantee better beer and a warm welcome at the Cricketers at very reasonable prices. For those with an aversion to walking or in the case of the return journey canít, taxi's have been seen in the area! Aside from all that the Cricketer's is very close to Keith's house.

For those staying overnight : There will be a morning after debrief session which will take place on a strictly ad-hoc basis over breakfast in the Holiday Inn. Those folk who are unable to fully remember the events of night will probably be in the majority and will therefore be very welcome. Various members of the 2013 MPS / CCP Reunion Committee are also planning to be on hand to fend off your feedback and to apologise for anything that went wrong on the night.

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left to right: Geoff (who passed away Jan 17th 2008), Chris, Jerry, Mark, Kit, John. On his knees - Keith.  Tony didn't make it to this historic meeting but we've inserted a current mugshot to represent his contibution. (On the table - hiding some empty glasses)
Motley Crew - 2007

Last ever reunion : Saturday 12th October 2013!